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Varien – Elysian Sky

Spaaaaaace! We here at GameChops invite you to celebrate Metroid’s momentous 30 Year Anniversary with Varien’s original dance track inspired by the world and music of Metroid–Elysian Sky!

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Rameses B – No Man’s Mind

Have you been busy exploring the universe in No Man’s Sky? Taking a long time to travel between planets? Well Rameses B has been busy making an original track for all you space pioneers! While you’re out on your next expedition, put on No Man’s Mind by Rameses B and let that be your soundtrack.

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Friday Freakout: *BEAUTIFUL* new Vince Kaichan EP released!!!

THIS HAS BEEN A CRAZY COUPLE OF CHIPWEEKS. For reasons that I can mention (such as the INSAAAANE 17.5 hour chipmusic broadcast of AWESOME that I co-hosted on Geekbeat LeRadio earlier this week) and reasons that I can’t quite yet (hint: pay close attention to ChipWIN channels in the coming days ;). There’ve been a handful of extraordinarily awesome, completely unheralded chip releases that have contributed to this craziness as well. And boy do I have a damn good example of one of these right here for you:

On Thin Air
by Vince Kaichan

The chippy badass Vince Kaichan, formerly known as VCMG, dropped a 4 track surprise EP of PURE WIN last Friday. It’s a beautiful collection of very lush, atmospheric, ethereal, yet still quite powerful, driving tracks, which all but tell a story without a single word. It’s the way the tracks are composed and sequenced that denote this flow of story; like different movements of a classical piece that interweave together with perfect synergy. The meat of it is definitely “Binary Lake” (LOVE THAT TRACK~~), but the surrounding tracks are not to be overlooked! They’re what set it up so perfectly after all.

The funniest thing about this album is that its existence is due to nothing more than an unfortunate (or maybe fortunate in this case?) accident. To quote Vince’s words from his Bandcamp page, “These tracks happened only because Vince Kaichan was stupid enough to crack his Gameboy screen, rendering him sans-DMG for four weeks.” This EP was crafted with SunVox v1.6.4, Tweakybeat for iPhone, and a Korg Monotron. While I hesitate to wish damage to a viable Gameboy, I’m a bit thankful it happened this time. ;3 Although hopefully enough of you buy this album to see that it gets repaired! ;)

I also find it noteworthy to mention that while I often find EPs tend to be either somewhat lacking or give just enough of a taste to do the job, On Thin Air satisfies just as well as the most well put together full album release. Miss it at your own loss.