Varien – Elysian Sky

Spaaaaaace! We here at GameChops invite you to celebrate Metroid’s momentous 30 Year Anniversary with Varien’s original dance track inspired by the world and music of Metroid–Elysian Sky!

2016 is the 30th anniversary of everyone’s favorite NES side-scrolling shooter. Metroid, despite not having many releases throughout the franchise’s history, has continued a theme of isolation and exploration in each of its games. In the original 1986 Metroid, you simply start the game in the middle of a screen with no directions or instructions. The game forces you to start wandering around and navigate based on the environmental features. Later on in the Metroid Prime Trilogy, the Scan Visor was introduced and it incentivized the player to explore absolutely everything.

Elysian Sky integrates this exploratory feeling in the music. The heavy use of reverb puts the listener in a huge, echoing space to emulate the sensation of being in outer space like Samus. The track aims to emphasize sound design, imagery, and atmosphere rather than build itself around a catchy melody. Like the Metroid games, Elysian Sky plays to its strengths and does a great job of emphasizing the environment and mood over all else.

Elysian Sky is not yet available for download, but could be a part of a future album release. Well, until that glorious day, share the video with your friends and introduce them to Varien and his music!

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