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Varien – Elysian Sky

Spaaaaaace! We here at GameChops invite you to celebrate Metroid’s momentous 30 Year Anniversary with Varien’s original dance track inspired by the world and music of Metroid–Elysian Sky!

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Samus Simplified: “MTRD” Pays Tribute to the Classics

TheĀ Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) had itsĀ 30th birthday on October 18th, so what better way to celebrate the occasion than playing some Metroid? Well, MTRD, to be exact:

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Flash Flood on Game Cola: Epic Mario

Ran across this post on GameCola.net today, Nathaniel Hoover breaks down the internet superword “Epic” and links us to a bunch of kick-awesome mario games and flash movies including Super Mario Crossover, Super Mario 63, The People’s Mario and more.

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