Retro Gamers Rejoice! Jet-Paco is Coming to NES, IRL

Let us all take a moment to appreciate 8-bit gaming on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The NES was– and still is– awesome, and if you don’t think the NES is awesome, you’re probably just bad at playing NES games.  Or maybe you’ve experienced a traumatic incident involving a Nintendo being used as a weapon. I’m not here to judge, but you gotta face those demons.

Anyway, people are still making NES games. Giant AAA companies are publishing direct sequels to 8-bit classics, responsibly-Kickstarted indie devs are creating 1080p retro masterworks, and yet– in the background, all this time, we’ve had people homebrewing authentic NES ROMs like there’s no tomorrow. Today we’re talking about a team of these die-hard heroes of 80s gaming: the ironically named Mojon Twins from Madrid, Spain.

Regardless of the “twins” being more than two people, the NES port of their homebrew ZX Spectrum game Jet Paco is going to be released on actual NES cartridges thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign. Score one for the geek in all of us.

Jet-Paco: Hyper Special Space Agent! has gameplay that lies somewhere between its obvious inspiration Jetpac (a ZX Spectrum game from Rareware’s Coin-It days that you probably remember from Donkey Kong 64) and… Operation. Yes, the terrifying board game with the terrifying buzzer. Jet-Paco features precision jet pack platforming with tight controls and loads of well-placed hazards to avoid. It’s fun, challenging but not too hard, and has a great chiptune soundtrack to enjoy.

The Mojon Twins have been making games for nearly a decade, with most of their library accurately imitating vintage computers with limited color palettes, such as– surprise– the ZX Spectrum.  Warning: some of their library is NSFW, so browse the official site with caution.

And now I will leave you with some footage of Rare’s Jetpac, because every enemy death sounds like a tiny fart and it’s hilarious. Have a good day.

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