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BOSS WAVE – Philly’s Premiere Gaming and Music Concert

This Saturday, February 27th, come out to Philly’s first and only electronic music and gaming concert experience–BOSS WAVE! The event is presented by Amp-X LIVE, J1 Studios, Funkadelphia, and ISpinToys. The event is being held at District N9NE (460 N 9th St). It’s an all day event featuring games and music from 1PM – 2AM. BOSS WAVE is all ages event with a 21+ drinking section. Continue reading BOSS WAVE – Philly’s Premiere Gaming and Music Concert

12 Days of MAGfest: The World Is Square

Shut the Folk up?! The World Is Square is playing at MAGfest? You betcha! Come see Boston’s own VGM Folk band perform at the best fest in the world.  Continue reading 12 Days of MAGfest: The World Is Square

GameChops: A GameMusic / Chiptune Netlabel

April 3rd, 2012 marks a momentous day for me. It’s the launch of my not-for-profit internet record label GameChops. Over the last few years of DJing VGM and making beats I’ve met a lot of great people and learned a tremendous amount about production, performance, and making music a greater part of my life. With GameChops, I hope to give back to this vibrant, supportive scene.

I love hearing bits of original game music in new productions. Chiptune samples are my favorites, I don’t care if it’s a funk tune or a rap track, you throw a Nintendo or a raw sawtooth wave in there and I am hooked. It was this irrational love of game sounds that got me started as Dj CUTMAN; I was working as a hiphop engineer and I made my first video game beats while hanging out in the studio after recording sessions.

The debut release for GameChops is none other than Benjamin Briggs, veteran OCRemixer and budding digital DJ. The release is an EP inspired by Diddy Kong Racing aptly titled Bootleg Circuit. Thsip reductions cleverly utilize in-game samples to create a five track electro-house marathon worthy of any street race or game party. Grab the release on GameChops.

Head over to GameChops.com to check out all the releases. Please support this project by adding GameChops on Facebook. Here’s to much more music.


A New Mix by Dj Cutman: Live at MAGFest X

It’s finally here. The set performed live at the tenth annual Music and Gaming Festival. This is no joke. Electro Techno Chiptune Moombah Dubstep. Charge up your lasers. Equip your stompin’ boots. Hope you’ve been level grinding because this mix is a like a supernova dinosaur from beyond the stars.

No, but seriously. This mix is celebrating the return of MAGFest, the best part of the whole goddamn year. A four day, non-stop video game and concert extravaganza, MAGFest is a place unlike any other on the planet. No website could do justice to the experience, but this one is a start. magfest.org.

Live at MAGFest X is a diverse set of some my old favorites, and new material I’ve been collecting and creating over the past twelve months. Download for free on Soundcloud or stream below.