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12 Days of MAGfest: The World Is Square

Shut the Folk up?! The World Is Square is playing at MAGfest? You betcha! Come see Boston’s own VGM Folk band perform at the best fest in the world.  Continue reading 12 Days of MAGfest: The World Is Square

Friday Freakout DOUBLE FEATURE: Those Who Fight & Knight of the Round albums UNLEASHED!!!

-takes last swig of beer, downs a shot of Maker’s Mark- Yeaaaah, it’s gonna be one of those kinda reviews, people!! Just back the F*CK out now  if you’re not ready for the excessively fierce, yet completely warranted  hype-a-palooza that’s coming ‘atcha this time around!! And this freakout, not just ONE  completely awesome album write-up, but TWO COMPLETELY AWESOME ALBUM WRITE-UPS!!!
…or rather one write-up about two albums. WUTTEHFUKEVAR!!! HERE GOES NOTHING~

The Fall of Bahamut by Those Who Fight
Gaia’s Bane by Knight of the Round



Yeah, this is absolutely a Friday Final Fantasy  Freakout if ever there was one!! On one hand you’ve got the release of the long-awaited 4 track EP from the Final Fantasy inspired rock opera powergroup Those Who Fight, with members from mainstay VGM bands Armcannon, Descendants of Erdrick, & Year 200x. And then on the other is Knight of the Round, a wickedly brutal 4 piece FF metal band from bumf*ck Indiana blasting out of the gate with a full length debut album of epic proportions!!!

“Wutevar, Barndo! Ive herd finul fantasee bans befer. Dis has been dun.”


In all seriousness, both  of these bands display an insane  level of musicianship and extraordinary creativity with their arrangements that clearly sets them apart, even within the overly talented VGM scene! It is NOTHING LIKE  any Final Fantasy OST re-imagining you’ve been exposed to before, and yet they both stand out in completely different ways! Those Who Fight have crafted an entirely new narrative to wrap their multi-vocalist lead  re-imagining of FF tracks around, whereas Knights of the Round have bathed theirs so deeply in so much violently heavy molten metal that Nobuo Uematsu himself would have to listen twice to recognize!! In fact, aside from said FF inspirations there’s only one way in particular that these two bands are truly reminiscent of each other:

THEY BOTH KICK MEGAF*CKSHITTONS OF ASS!!!  (okay, so the seriousness didn’t last… I CAN’T HELP IT!! I’M LISTENING TO THEIR MUSIC AS I WRITE!!!!!!111123456789KABOOMITY~).

And oh yeah, wanna chance to catch some of this Square action live?? THEN COME TO MAGFEST 11 IN JANUARY!!!!  KotR will be DESTROYING  2nd stage,  provided their  folky, acoustic cohorts, The World Is Square, haven’t already WEIRDED IT UP BEYOND REPAIR (yup, they’re playing MAG too!!). No announcement about TWF yet (but there are  more bands to announce after all…), but wow, if they show up there too??

AHHH enough stupid wordy words already!! Quit reading this bullshit AND GO LISTEN, BUY, AND SHARE THE HELL OUTTA THESE ALBUMS ALREADY!!! Otherwise Bahamut is totally gonna fall ON YOUR ASS & Gaia will unleash it’s bane ON YOUR MOTHER!!! 8)