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12 Days of MAGfest: The World Is Square

Shut the Folk up?! The World Is Square is playing at MAGfest? You betcha! Come see Boston’s own VGM Folk band perform at the best fest in the world.  Continue reading 12 Days of MAGfest: The World Is Square

8Static Festival: Philadelphia’s 3-Day Chiptune Fest

Philadelphia’s 8Static has been providing monthly installments of chiptune and lo-fi music shows for almost seven years, and this week the collective is throwing their 3rd annual festival, set to take over Philadelphia for three days of high-volume, low-tech, electronic music.

glomag trash kick

Continue reading 8Static Festival: Philadelphia’s 3-Day Chiptune Fest

MAGfest: Dj CUTMAN & GameChops special events

magfestThe time is upon us. The annual Music and Gaming festival ( MAGfest ) is significant for both gamers and artists. For one, it’s where the original inspiration for Dj CUTMAN was conceived. Now, just three years later, my friends are I are gearing up for our largest MAGfest yet!

Thursday: NESteryears Album Release
NESteryearsMAGfest’s opening day and the release of bLiNd’s first full-length remix album NESteryears! From MegaMan to Castlevania, bLiNd has put his nose to the grindstone and produced 11 exclusive remixes with GameChops!The album will be available from GameChops.com and CD versions will be available at MAGfest!

This page will be updated with a link to the album once it has been released!


Friday: bLiNd & Ben Briggs Live!
Ben Briggs live at Nerdapalooza 2012Get to the main concert hall Friday at 11:30PM (that’s right before midnight!) to catch Benjamin Briggs and bLiNd’s DJ sets!They’ll be spinning their own video game remixes, some tracks from their GameChops releases and some other treats. The first time these two legendary remixers have performed together, so don’t miss it!

For music by bLiNd and Benjamin Briggs, check out music.GameChops.com


Saturday: Dj CUTMAN Concert (the final boss battle)
Dj CUTMANSaturday night (and slighting into Sunday morning) at 12:30AM is the final boss battle of MAGfest, none other then a set yours truly!I have the honor of following Yuzo Koshiro (Streets of Rage, ActRaiser, Shinobi), the Japanese musician and DJ. This is his first show in the US, and he is a guest of honor at MAGfest!

I’ll be debuting new remixes,a handful of original tracks and my favorite game and chiptune inspired songs from the past year. I will be joined by a very special guest for the first portion of the set. Be there!


All Weekend: Dj CUTMAN & GameChops Booth!
For the past two years I’ve been tabling at conventions, DJing some tunes and providing music for the convention. This year, thanks to GameChops, will be the biggest year yet! I’m coming with exclusive CDs from GameChops artists as well as bLiNd’s new album and a brand new compilation that won’t be released for another 3 weeks! Stay ttuned to my Facebook and Twitter for give-aways!Get to the booth on Thursday or Friday as supplies are limited! (this post will be updated with directions to the booth as soon as I can manage :)

MAGfest is the event I look forward to every year! If you can’t make it, stay tuned to this blog for updates and new music! Let’s get this new year started right!


ChipMusicChronicle presents Blip 2012

The ChipMusicChronicle brings us the entire weekend of BlipFestival 2012 in a single YouTube Playlist. The whole show from front-to-back has been captured from a spot in the crowd, it’s the closet thing to being there. My heart breaks a thousand times for missing it this year, but thankfully I spent my time playing awesome music with new friends in Austin. Thank the Chiptune Demi-Gods for The ChipMusic Chronicle.

The ChipMusicCronicle is managed by Emily Feder. Add the Chronicle on Facebook and subscribe on YouTube.

For a in-depth coverage and a explanation of BlipFest, check out our friends at RetroGameNetwork!

A brief overview of Chiptune from The Verge: