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12 Days of MAGfest: The World Is Square

Shut the Folk up?! The World Is Square is playing at MAGfest? You betcha! Come see Boston’s own VGM Folk band perform at the best fest in the world.  Continue reading 12 Days of MAGfest: The World Is Square

Bknapp – SNES Beats [ Review ]

Illinois beatmaker, Bknapp, brings us the third installment of his video game remix series, SNES Beats. SNES Beats Vol. 3 was created by sampling tracks from games on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES, and combining them with hip-hop style beats.

Continue reading Bknapp – SNES Beats [ Review ]

Y.T. Cracker – Chrono Nurga

Y.T. Cracker, one of nerdcore’s finest, released this album in 2009, and it still holds a spot on my iTunes. Thick and thoughtful lyrics mixed over top of tight beats sampling Chrono Trigger, this free album is a must-download.

Head to this tumblr post to listen to my favorite track from this album.

Maintaining his baller-status, YT includes these spare liner notes:

shouts to the usual.
distribute at will.
all beats except magus’ theme produced by compromised and jc.
magus’ theme produced by euphonik.
album art by ry.
recorded and written in < 24 hrs stardate 20091020.

Download the album, or read the lyrics.