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MAGFest Game Over Austin ROUNDUP!!!

Last weekend a bunch of amazing MAGFestians (myself included) brought a magical slice of MAGFest to Austin, Texas. It was called MAGFest Game Over Austin AND IT WAS GOOD.
(actually, it was REALLY ZOMBOFURKIN AWESOME, but you get the point ;).
This is my firsthand account of the glorious madness that was this first mobile MAGshow. ENJOY. \m|♥|m/

The shindig started early for me, as I arrived at Red7 with the rest of Lords of Thunder to load in. We got that done, enjoyed some pizza & soda, I logged some time on the freeplay Turtles in Time arcade cab with fellow Thunder Lord Daniel Tidwell, got made-up for the show (hair, make-up, & kilt!!!), made sure merch was setup (i.e. watched the Ladies of Thunder [aka ChipMom & Jenja] make that happen), got destroyed in Mario Kart 64 by Tien from Gameover Videogames (altho I redeemed myself later in the night battling C~Money), and then got ready to catch THIS dude perform:

Dr. Awkward kicked the night off WITH A COLOSSAL BANG with his furiously delicious, cleverly constructed nerdcore rhymes. Honestly, I’d heard of the dude before this show, but hadn’t heard him. IT WAS A GORRAM TREAT. “Impostor” & “Geekquilibrium” were my personal favs, both for the hilarious lyrics & DAT 8BIT GOODNESS. If you haven’t checked him out yet, 

And then it was TIME FOR THE THUNDER…

I guess it’s kinda unfair to write this one up since, yanno, I’m playing bass in the band. :3
 We came to Austin, we played our 2nd live show ever (1st was 2nd stage MAGFest 11), and we melted faces. In other words, SHIT WAS EPIC. 8) Debuted a new track from Bushido Blade 2 (the closer for our set), which ties as my personal fav with the Guilty Gear 2 jam. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, I finally got to wear my kilt on stage. AND IT FELT GOOD. ;3 Also, BEWARE RANDOM ATTACK OWLS~ ;)

Following our face-meltery was the debut of the all new Descendants of Erdrick line-up:

CONFESSION: I was probably both the most anxious & excited for this set out of ANYTHING happening that night (even our set!). Short backstory: DoE are a big part of what pulled me even deeper into the VGM scene, to the point that I’m now playing in a VGM band with some of the former members of DoE sharing the stage with current DoE. MINDSPLOSION. O.O
Much has happened since then, including this lineup change, and thus a bit of conflicted feels.


The Lepre lead lineup & stylistic change were indeed different; as Lerabbit stated, more of an “RPG Adventure tribute band”, and with a slant more towards prog rock. Works INCREDIBLY WELL, as you should be able to tell from the video (and the crowd’s reaction in it). Seriously y’all, keep following this band. They’re just going to get better and better.

Speaking of following awesome people & bands, be sure to catch the previous DoE members & the THREE OTHER VGM ACTS that they’re now involved in: LoT, Gimmick!, & The Returners. Where there was one VGM band there are now four. GOTTA LOVE IT. ♥

And then… there was Megaran:

As always, Random aka Megaran brought it SOMETHING FIERCE. Honestly, I’ve seen him perform several times over the years, & at various different types & sizes of venues, but each show has always been consistent in the PURE EXCELLENCE factor. And I say this as, truthfully, not the biggest nerdcore fan! It’s quality nerdcore artists like Megaran, Doc Awk, Shaffer the Darklord, etc. that make me question that, however, as they get my head bobbin’, feet movin’, and face grinnin’!

Last but HOLY CRAP NOT LEAST are the furious force known as Urizen:

Urizen is another act that appeared at Game Over Austin that I’d heard of (& always awesome things!), but hadn’t witnessed in person yet. To sum up my first time experiencing them live: 


Their mix of metal, chip/8bit/synthy goodness, and INSANE stage show (ZOMBOFURKIN ROBOT MONSTER STAGE BATTLE FINALE ZOMG~!!!) definitely made for an EXCELLENT headlining act. To top it off, their energy & stage presence were MONSTROUS, & crowd interactivity was AMAZEBALLS (can you say THE BEST group Colossus roar outside of MAGFest TO DATE???). Needless to say, I left the show A HUGE FAN. And upon coming home discovered that their frontman, Thomas Drinnen, had also made a Chipmusic version of their latest album titled 8-Bit Universe. THIS PLEASES ME GREATLY.

And now to round-up this round-up with this MAG Austin round-up video by Melissa Flores!

Aw man, watching this video fills me with SO many damn feels! WHAT A ZOMBOFURKIN’ GOOD TIME WE ALL HAD~!!! ^_^ And most importantly, MORE TO COME!!! \m/\m/

Again, SO VERY MUCH LOVE to everyone who was a part of this show. It was DAMN amazing and I’m incredibly proud to have been a part of it. Until the inevitable next time, my friends, upon which I will undoubtedly tell you to…



All full set videos provided by Robert Swackhamer of 8bitx.com.