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Skateboards + Snowboards + 8Bit Games = Gnarcade

A videogame invasion has hit Mt Hood and High Cascade! This gnarly video is perhaps the most kick-ass skateboard/snowboard video ever to hit human eyeballs, with slick editing and compositing of 8Bit Video Games, with killer tunes by GroundUpSounds. The film was directed by Mike Benson as part of The Knife Show. All these written words are starting to get boring. Watch the video!

Best Apocalypse Ever: “Pixels!” by Patrick Jean

I won’t waste a second more of your time with my words. Watch this video.

Written + Directed by : Patrick Jean
Director of Photograhy : Matias Boucard
Sound Design by Patrick Jean + Guests
Produced by One More Production


This is what a SPAMTRON looks like

I always get a kick out of looking at the waveforms for chiptunes, they always seem to look the way they sound. The old chipsets didn’t have the resolution of modern recording equipment, so the waveforms always come out blocky and sweet like a sprite in a nintendo game. Here’s a shot of the waveform from UP, an off-the-wall-hard-core chiptune track by Spamtron. This track is so intense my volume meter barely even moves it just sits right at the top fucking my earholes open. awesome.

And of course, here’s the track.
[audio: spamtron-up.mp3]

It’s off the album D-PAD and is available on Spamtron’s Website

MUSICIANS: Great Advice from IFightDragons

OCRemix tweeted this interview with I Fight Dragons, explaining how they’ve got their 10,000 fans in the past year. They explain the concept of “True Fans,” the most awesome people an artist could hope for.

“…a True Fan is not a possession. It’s a relationship. As such, it grows and changes, and people come and go as you grow, and as they grow and their lives change.”

Very cool insight from the nerdtacular group, definitly worth a read.