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Saturday Sept 4th – Dj CUTMAN @ WildFire Lounge

On Saturday September 4th in ITHACA, NY, Dj CUTMAN returns to WildFire Lounge for a night of rock-awesome chiptunes and dance heavy video game remixes. If you’re in upstate don’t miss this killer show.

Flyer by the one and only MC Death Bear.

More info on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=100728366654457

The Video Game DJ @ OTAKON 2010

Dj CUT MAN and MC DEATH BEAR at OTAKON 2010Big news for Dj CUT MAN and MC DEATH BEAR, this weekend they headed down to Baltimore, MD to attend OTAKON, the east coast’s largest Anime and Japanese Culture festival (attending approximately 30,000 people.) The convention is named after the Japanese word Otaku which is used to refer to people obsessed with Japanese animation (anime), Japanese comics (manga) and Video Games.

This was a big milestone for Dj CUT MAN, as it was their largest live performance yet. Dj CUT MAN played his new mixtape, DUBTROPOLIS (available soon via SoundCloud), a collection of Dub-Step influenced Chiptune songs, a sub-genre known as ChipStep. A last minute addition of this track by UK chiptune artist Monster! Monster! proved to be a worthwhile addition. MC Death Bear became a true Master of Cerimonies that night, hyping the crowd and providing vocal interludes and shout outs throughout the set.

The music Dj CUT MAN spun was a comprised mostly of chiptune compositions from the 8BitCollective and 8BitPeoples communities, websites devoted to providing their independently created music for free download. Later in the set, Dj CUT MAN featured the music of bLiNd, a top-tier Video Game Remixer and trance/dance producer known from the groundbreaking video game remix website OCREMIX.

MC Death Bear has been creating art for Dj CUT MAN for months, and is responsible for the killer flyers for the series of shows at Ithaca’s own Waffle Frolic. Dj CUT MAN has created three full-length mix albums so far and his fourth is expected soon. Stay tuned for more.

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Dj CUT MAN embarks on Mini-Tour

Okay, so it’s not really a tour, but it is going between states frantically to play shows. This weekend also marks Dj CUT MAN’s return to Waffle Frolic, a guest spot at Load Of Fun studios in Baltimore, MD, and another rad show at The Giving Tree cafe put on by the warriors at Ithaca Underground. I could go on but I’d rather post the rad flyers: