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Scattered Notes Soundtrack Channels the Best of Classic RPGs

Video game music fans, have I got a treat for you! Just released on November 7th, the original soundtrack for Scattered Notes is currently blowing my mind. California-based yuzuki masu has crafted a five-track journey that will remind you of all the best memories from your childhood. Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana… the list of influences could go on and on, but quite frankly it stands strongly on its own two feet. Just in time for the change of seasons, grab a warm cup of tea and relax while you listen to this gem:

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Nelward’s Fantastic Funky Video Game Remixes

Okay, you might not know this about me: I love video game music. Like, a lot. Personally, I never get tired of hearing new versions of classic tunes, and I also fully support the blatant overuse of video game sound effects and voice clips in any situation. So, it is my absolute delight to introduce you to Nelward. He’s just recently released the creatively-titled Remixes for name-your-price on Bandcamp, and it’s great. Do yourself a favor and listen up:

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Interview: Chiptune’s New Challenger, Nanode and His Killer Nanoloop Debut

Perhaps the most rewarding thing about being involved with the chipmusic scene is seeing new talent emerge from the fold, young minds inspired by those that came before them and ready to prove themselves worthy. Under his new alias, Nanode,  my great friend Sam Sher has done exactly that with Loopy. I was lucky enough to sit down with Sam for an interview, so press play on the album and enjoy as we look inside the mind of a promising up-and-comer:

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Sabrepulse: First Crush EP

I am pleased to announce a new EP from Chiptune legend Sabrepulse. I’ve been waiting for this release since First Crush (featuring Knife City) premiered on Soundcloud this summer. This EP features eight tracks, including a collaboration with UK Chip Superstar Henry Homesweet who performs live with two gameboys and a DJ Mixer (low bit basement). Producing songs with Ableton Live and his Gameboy, Sabrepulse’s music feature relentless detail and masterful production.

Sabrepulse has been releasing chipmusic since 2005 (Discogs), from joyful Chiptune to aggressive ChipBRK, emotional 8-bit ballads to high energy headbanging DnB, Sabrepulse’s style is diverse. The consistency through all of Sabrepulse’s tracks can summed up with a simple phase, this is damn good music.

The title track to this production is my favorite, a genre shattering blend of Chiptune, DnB and Bassmusic, with intricate drum patterns and soaring 8-bit leads. Featuring Knife City (aka LikeLuke, the drummer from Anamanaguchi).

First Crush EP is avaiable for Name Your Price on Bandcamp.