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Revengineers Guitarist’s Epic Solo Project Little Paw Releases Space Corgi LP

Nick Maynard is the guitarist and LSDJ master behind the Revengineers, probably the best post rock chiptune fusion outfit around and definitely one of the best live acts. You might have also heard his work with the slightly more chill shoegaze/post rock of Noisewaves.

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Dj CUTMAN – I’m The Boss (Big Bad Bosses)

Dj CUTMAN’s remix of Big Bad Bosses hit single, I’m The Boss, features youtube personalities Nate Wants to Battle, Satchbag’s Goods, The Completionist, and Alex Faciane cast as a video game villian boy band. The distinctly 90s-2000s style anthem was written and produced by Jake “Virt” Kaufman. This remix was produced by Dj CUTMAN in the month following the album’s release.

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Back in October I was approached by Jirard Khalil, aka The Completionist, about helping with a new project he was working on, a video game inspired, comedy Boy Band called “Big Bad Bosses.” What was even more crazy, was that Virt, the composer for Shovel Knight, was writing and producing the music. I was stoked! In December, I ended up mastering the project, which later went on to chart #1 on Billboard Comedy. Totally incredible! I have had music I’ve worked on hit Billboard before, but it’s always such a great feeling to see game music hit a mainstream music chart.

I spent the last two months after the album came out working on my remix. I wanted to get as close to the “pop” or “radio” sound as I could on my own, which meant learning a ton of new vocal processing techniques, meticulous organization, and lots of new production tricks. Now, that remix is finally ready!

Along with two bonus tracks, Dj CUTMAN – I’m The Boss (Big Bad Bosses Remix) is available on iTunes, Bandcamp, and other stores. I’ve been doing a lot of research about the Billboard charts, and learned that it only takes about 450 sales in the first week to break through. Folks who download all 3 versions of the track will count 3X towards that goal. I am hoping we can hit the Billboard charts with this track!

Dj CUTMAN hasn’t broken into the mainstream, even though some music I’ve worked on has. If you can download the track this weekend, that would be awesome. Just search “Dj Cutman I’m The Boss” into your favorite store, or use the links at the bottom.

If you can’t swing a download right now, you can help by RT the tweet, or simply sharing the video or this story with your friends. I really went all-out on this remix, I really hope you like it!

I hope you don’t mind the story-time.


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12 Days of MAGfest: The World Is Square

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Ride the GAMEWAVE with FLOOR BABA’s debut solo album

Need some more awesome original music in your life? Invite FLOOR BABA in for a drink and treat your ears to GAMEWAVE.

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