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PAX EAST 2013 IS NIGH  (March 22-24th, i.e. THIS WEEKEND!!!)



MAGFest Presents: Jamspace


magfest-logoStraight from the mouth of MAGFest’s very own Nick the Newbie:

“What in the ever loving shit is “Jamspace”? Jamspace is music all day every day during pax. We’ve got chiptunes, live video game cover bands, DJs, and even open jam time with provided instruments. We’ve got guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard for playing, or you can even bring your own instruments! Follow @MAGFest on twitter for updates of what’s going on all weekend.”

Fri-Sun schedule:
Friday, 3-5pm: The World Is Square, Random aka MegaRan
Saturday, 3-5pm: Lords of Thunder, Armcannon
Sunday 1-3pm: OverClocked University, Crashfaster

Regarding the bulk of the scheduled chipmusic shows happening in the Jamspace…


B8B Presents: PAXE Chiptune 2013


pax-east-2013-chip-showcase-521x1024Boston8Bit is once again bringing a KILLER chiptune lineup to the PAX East Jamspace. In case you can’t read the SUPER SEKSAY flyer just to the left there, here’s the full Friday & Saturday 11:30am – 2:30pm EST lineup!

Dj CUTMAN | Disasterpeace | Br1ght Pr1mate | D&D Sluggers | MC Facepalm | Glenntai

Danimal Cannon | Cheap Dinosaurs | Active Knowledge | Doomcloud | RobotSexMusic | Sam Mulligan

Visuals by:
Animal Style | Invaderbacca | VJ Guybrush

Dj: Decktonic


And if that’s not enough MOST EXCELLENT chipmusic for you (it’s NEVAR enough!), or you’d like a chance to perform your own chipmusic at an open mic event…


B8B & ChipWIN Presents: CHIPstage


chipstage-bannerA very first for PAX East, the CHIPstage is essentially a separate Jamspace for chipartists & Djs! Bring your chippy and/or electronic jams & showcase ’em LIVE AT PAX!!!

On top of that, there’ll also be a good chance of any or all of the following happening at CHIPstage:

  • random gaming &/or tourneys
  • ridiculous contests (dickbutt drawing contest anyone? :3 )
  • a guaranteed on stage suplex for every artist who suffers a DMG crash while performing (J/k! Maybe… ♥)
  • really stupid dance offs (Hoodie shuffle comin’ ‘atcha! 8)
  • VERY SPECIAL music events & guests

In summation, NONSTOP ZOMBOCON. 8)

Follow @ChiptunesWIN & @BOSTON8BIT on Twitter for updates during the craziness.

What? Really? That’s still not enough? You want another party to go to on Saturday night?


Saturday Night PAXE Party


sat-nite-after-partyLeaguePodcast & Rock On! Concerts present:

|Mega Ran | Active Knowledge (Boston8Bit) | Shane Hall | Gage | Weird Die Young|

This badasstastic music PARTAY is going down at The Cavern Club At The Hard Rock Café.

Doors at 8pm EST, $10 to get in. Tickets here.

What? You want a Sunday night afterparty too? OKAY!!!


Sunday Night PAXE Afterparty


pax-east-after-partyLeaguePodcast & Rock On! Concerts Present:

The Protomen
MC Frontalot
Br1ght Pr1mate
The World Is Square

This fantabulous shindig of WIN is happening at the Middle East Restaurant & Nightclub.

Doors at 7pm EST, $15 to get in. Tickets here.


Seriously y’all, if you don’t get enough VGM/chip jammage in & around PAX East this year (including the AWESOME PAX East main stage lineup HEREIT’S NOBODY’S FAULT BUT YOUR OWN.

And if you can’t come, don’t be a sad panda about it! Just tune into geekbeatradio on UnregularRadio to catch the livestream of the FULL SCHEDULED JAMSPACE LINEUP (chip & VGM shows) & as much of the CHIPstage as they can grab! There’ll be *SOMETHING* PAX East broadcasting on the UR Fest channel throughout the whole party. GOOD TIMES.

I mean, srsly gaiz, THIS IS AN EPIC F*CKTON OF STUFF. We’re all probably going to survive PAXE 2013 this year, but JUST BARELY. 8) In other words…



Much \m||m/,
President Hoodie

EDIT: Just so this post has EVERYTHING  (& just in case you don’t pay attention to the front page of the PAXE website… :3 ), here’s a schedule of the main stage acts as well!

Friday 3/22, 8:30pm – 1:30am:
| VGO | Those Who Fight | The Protomen |

Saturday 3/23, 8:30pm – 2am:
| Sam Hart | MC Frontalot | Jonathan Coulton | Paul and Storm |

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Saturday Night Afterparty
Sunday Night Afterparty

PAXE Main Stage Concerts
Chiptunes = WIN


Crossposted to the ChipWIN Blog HERE for extra awesome & ZOMBOCON. 8)


Only one day remains until the delightfulness known as chipWINter is unleashed upon the chipworld.
You know what that means, right?




Full artist roster & tracklist (ABC order; Kubbi‘s fantastical sequencing to be unveiled with the album ;)

  •  ABSRDST – Let Me Freeze
  • an0va – Christmas Time Is Here
  • Br1ght Pr1mate – Linux & Lucy
  • Daniel Capo – Frosted Over
  • Glenntai – Snowfall & Snowballs
  • Jay Tholen – Justice Delivers Its Death
  • Kubbi – Polar Bear Rides
  • Mark ‘TDK’ Knight – Sunrise
  • Professor Shyguy – We Three Kings
  • shanebro – A Chipwinter Stroll
  • Storm Blooper – The Stellar Dendrite
  • The Bitman – Next Stop, Detroit
  • Vegas Diamond – The Ghost of Christmas Dance
  • Vince Kaichan – Midnight Snowflake

Soundcloud teaser:


Fb event for this Monday night’s 8 Bit Power Hour chipWINter Release Party:



Beautyriffical album art:


And that’s it. Nothing else to give you except THE REAL THING.



^_^ \m||m/ ^_^




Friday Freakout: the PANDAstar shines the brightest!!!

There ain’t a lot of chicks in chiptune.  That’s one part a running gag (SO MANY DUDES~!!! :O ) and another part the honest truth. Regrettably, there really aren’t  very many female chipartists in the scene! That said, the ones we do have are limitlessly talented and represent the fairer sex’s artistic bent with a ferocity. Today, I provide you with an EXCELLENT  example of this in:

by PANDAstar

spaceDRIFT is 11 tracks of hyperly wonderful, wonderfully hyper LSDj chipjams of pure, ultra concentrated, unadulterated JOY. I’m not sure it’s even possible  to listen to this album and not feel an overwhelming sense of happy within. IT’S LIKE RIDING THROUGH A FIELD OF L.E.D. FLOWERS WHILE ON A BADASS SPACE UNICORN THAT SHOOTS LASER BEAMS AT TROLLS WHILE YOU’RE EATING ICE CREAM MADE OF MAGICAL AWESOME!!!
EXACTLY. 8)  And while it’s been nearly a year & a half since this wonderful chippy gem dropped, it’s EASILY  worth today’s write-up just to catch the folk who missed it (hell, I only discovered it a few months ago myself!).

It also makes for a really good opportunity to tip you off about her upcoming new album “TROPOSPHERE”! ;D While I don’t have a release date to share with you (Panda says, “SOON…“), I can  link you to a preview track from the upcoming excellence:

Man oh man, if that track doesn’t tickle your happy place(s), GET THE FURK OUTTA HERE!!!

Although if this very latest upload on her Soundcloud is any indicator, chip isn’t the only musical artistry that Panda has up her sleeves:

To be released under the alternate alias SP33D, this sampler mash-up has a very lush, ethereal, spacey soundscape happening. It’s a significantly different direction than her energetic chipmusic, but IMHO holds the potential to be just as amazing. Yet another outlet for her to showcase her tremendous musical talent!

Although to be completely frank, all of Panda’s future musical ventures are in limbo at the moment. She’s in a fairly tricky bind and could use a bit of help to get out of it. Feel free to donate via any of her excellent albums on Bandcamp, or if you’re feeling really  awesome you can PayPal her directly at cheetah1144@yahoo.com.
It’s a good chance to give back to someone who’s already given so much  to the chipscene. ^_^

Plus, yanno, Merry Christmas and all that crap. ;)


Friday Freakout: THE BITMAN LEVELS UP!!!

Artistic growth is an awesome thing to behold.  To witness an artist’s humble beginnings, their developmental period (which some might say never truly ends with an active artist!), and their transition into a truly legitimate, confident professional in their field; just AWESOME.  Truth be told, I feel as if I’ve witnessed at least a part of this progression with today’s artist and his latest release:

Epic Elevator Music
by The Bitman

To start off, “Epic Elevator Music” is eight *STELLAR*  tracks of hard hitting, powerfully driven, yet wildly stylistically varied LSDj goodness of the highest mark.  It’s another one of those chipalbums that I knew would be an instant favorite of mine before the first track even finished, and 100% confirmed after about eight back-to-back playthroughs. DAMN GOOD JAMS

It’s upon comparison to Max Dolensky aka The Bitman‘s previous two EPs from earlier in the year, “Ten Day EP” & “Nimbus“, that his growth becomes strikingly apparent. Neither of these albums are bad. In fact, they’re both quite solid & worthy of downloading! That said, EEM is on a completely different level of chipartistry. The complexity of the compositions, the more intricately designed melodic structures, the wonderful variety and blending of different musical styles, the greater aptitude regarding LSDj composition and mixing technique; everything is better, stronger, catchier, more aptly composed & inspired

According to Max, some of this development simply comes from gaining more experience with his craft, but the lion’s share of it comes from gaining more experiences.  By this he means learning from and collaborating with other chipartists and awesome people within the scene, and of course by participating in live performances. BRKfest in general stands out as a poignant turning point in his chipmusic career, much as it does for so many other chipartists that attended &/or performed at it. (For more thoughts straight from The Bitman himself, keep an eye out for an in-depth transcript of our *AMAZING* chat coming soon to the ChipWIN blog!!).

But if you think The Bitman has reached his developmental plateau, check out this rough draft of a brand new track he’s working on:

Right at the start, the powerfully sexy vibe and addition of the live brass (!!!) set this track apart from his already unique & established stylings, hinting at the potential for even further  artistic development & just the overall exceptional  future he has in store. And if you’re interested in seeing how that pans out (and how can you NOT  be after hearing that track?!!?!?), you should probably stay tuned to The Bitman in the near future (i.e. more like this coming very soon~ ;).  

While you’re here don’t miss the article written about him recently in the school paper of his Alma mater, the University of Alabama. It’s complemented by a video interview as well, which you can check out here:

But enough of my blathering already! Get to the real  reason you’re here: listening to some AWESOME CHIPMUSIC!! 8) And while you’re doing that, make sure to donate some $$ to the “help Max not be a broke college student” fund. Always a worthy cause, especially when there’s more artistry to develop. ^_^